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Seeking active women!
We test every sports bra we make—in our lab and on the street—to ensure optimum support and comfort so that you can perform your best!

Biomechanics lab testing
Moving Comfort has been using biomechanics research and testing on our sports bras since 2009. We are on the forefront of motion study, utilizing 3D movement to help us design the most supportive and comfortable sports bras. Our studies are conducted at our Seattle, WA headquarters.

Wear testing
In addition to our lab testing, we also have wear testers use our sports bras during development and provide opinions on the performance and fit of each sports bra. This feedback helps us design world-class products.

Become a tester
If you're interested in helping us test our sports bras, we'd love to hear from you! To apply for one or both of the above programs as a tester, please fill out our brief Bra Wear Test Application survey and our Wear Tester Agreement form.