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Vixen C/D

$22 - $38
Impact Level

A dependable v-neck pullover that's loved for her uncompromising support and flattering shape.

•Moderate-contoured seam-free cups
• Contoured cups enhance shape, support, and provide complete modesty
• DriLayer® Powermesh back offers maximum ventilation
• Encapsulation/Compression

• Stabilize Collection
• Shallow, semi-full or full cup size
• Encapsulation style
• Medium to high impact level


Body: DriLayer® Cool 82% polyester / 18% spandex & Drilayer® Powermesh
Cups: DriLayer® Buzz 50% S.Café™ polyester / 50% polyester


Care instructions

• Wash every 1-3 wears

• Fasten the hooks and use a lingerie bag when washing

• Line dry

• Never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners